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Website Goals

o         To give Law School Students a fighting chance by providing accurate case briefs, outlines, notes and sample test.


o         In the future, this website will allow students to contribute to the various postings.


o         In addition, students will have the ability to link their own documents (case briefs, outlines, tests, etc) to their own Google AdSense adds that can be revenue generating.


Our Case Briefs

o         To provide Socratic interrogation proof case briefs that allow students to see fact pattern arguments, and the reasoning behind the application of rules and public policy.


o         Currently we only have case briefs out for both Contracts II and Torts II.  After semester tests are finish, we will publish case briefs for Contracts I, Torts I, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law and Property I.


o         (See Case Briefs).



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o         Bar Preparation (BARBRI)

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Professional Links

o         Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

o         Federal Rules Of Civil Procedure

o         American Bar Association

o         United States Constitution

Outlines Coming Soon!!!

o         We are currently working on getting the best outlines for the purposes of not only final exams, but a good reference for the future.  We appreciate your patience, but in the mean time please check out our case briefs.


Exam Supplements

o         PMBR Multiple Choice, Outlines & Explanations

o         CrunchTime Essay Questions & Explanations

o         Law In a Flash (Flash Cards)

Discount Law Books

o         My first two semesters I spent so much money on books.


o         Let us help you save some money through our Amazon Affiliation that will provide you a substantially discounted book.


o         You will be surprised how a $140 Contracts Case Book is sold here for $39.99.  (Click To See Proof)


o       We continuously grow as the major publishers release Case Books, Outlines, Case Briefs and Audio Supplements.   (See Books And Supplements).

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o    Learn how to brief using technicolors.

o    Learn how to pick study aids.

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o   Gain an advantage on your competition.

o    Learn the game before it is too late.

The Socratic Method
The Paper Chase

o   Interrogation still exists in Law School.

o   As well as, Study groups Competition & Stress.






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